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Stephen P. Cameron is a well-known and respected criminal defense and personal injury attorney. Stephen P. Cameron has extensive experience across the board with DUI, criminal defense and auto injury accident and personal injury cases. In dealing with the government and state prosecutor, Stephen will aggressively and skillfully defend your rights and interests. Moreover, if you have been injured in an accident, you need a lawyer now. Stephen has the experience to fight for and get you and your family what you deserve.


Stephen is a native Oklahoman and has built an extensive network in the area that his clients greatly benefit from. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Stephen recognized he could manifest his passion to help people through the legal system. Stephen’s grandfather was a highly respected lawyer and District Judge who served on the bench in Garfield County Oklahoma for nearly thirty years. Thus, Stephen decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and engage in the “family business”. Stephen went on to acquire his Juris Doctor from the University of Oklahoma in 2004 and subsequently opened The Law Office of Stephen P. Cameron in Enid, Oklahoma.


As an attorney, Mr. Cameron provides excellent and compassionate criminal defense to anyone accused, investigated or facing criminal charges.  Stephen has experienced many peaks during his 15+ years as a practicing attorney. Most notably, Mr. Cameron has secured dismissals and deferred adjudications of hundreds of criminal counts and cases wherein his clients faced serious prison and jail time. Moreover, Mr. Cameron had the unique privilege to assist in the jury trial involving the largest methamphetamine trafficking case in Garfield County history. Throughout his career, Mr. Cameron has secured numerous multi-figure settlements for his clients involving serious automobile injury accidents and personal injury claims. 

Stephen’s greatest joy and accomplishment is being a father to his two kids. When he is not engaged in furthering his distinctive brand, “In a Jam, Call Cam." Stephen is attending soccer games and traveling to support his children’s unique interests and accomplishments. Stephen’s affiliations include being an esteemed member of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, National College for DUI Defense, DUI Defense Lawyers Association, Oklahoma Bar Association, Garfield County Bar Association and the Grand National Quail Hunt and Foundation. How does he do it all? Work – Life balance is the key! He prioritizes his family, his clients, and his investments in that order! It may be true that Stephen is accomplished, but he is just getting started!


Stephen Cameron is a great attorney. He helped me out of a jam and got me a great deal on my case. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Ryan S

Stephen Cameron is so compassionate and ethical. I have worked with him in multiple cases and highly recommend to my family and friends. He promptly returns my phone calls and brings a level of calmness to my clients. Highly recommend! Five stars from me!

Hands down the best attorney in enid! He has gone out of his way to help me with my case and my drivers license! If you need a lawyer that will treat you right and handle your case professionally Steve Cameron is your man!

- Micha F

- Shaye R

In a jam? Call Cam! Stephen P Cameron is very professional, and tremendously personable. He is a great guy, and an even better lawyer! Stephen truly cares about helping people. Quality representation is provided by Mr. Cameron. He represented me on my injury accident and got me a fantastic recovery. If you want to win, hire this guy!

- Laci H

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